Mothers Day Away

My mom is truly one of my best friends but we haven’t always been so close. Just like every kid, I went through my “leave me alone mom” stage; there was constant fighting and eye rolling (on both ends). I like to call this part of my life ‘the dark ages’. Looking back, I can Continue Reading »

The Ben and Doc Show #11 – Army Stories

This week, Ben’s good friend John joins the group to talk about his experience in the army. Hear about the intense situations he gets into as he protects our country, stops the creation of dangerous weapons, and fights natures most nightmarish creature.

Staying Sane While Crazy Busy

If you listen to the podcasts many of you may have heard that my life — although sometimes less adventurous than our other members — is crazy busy. Alexander even likes to make jokes about how I don’t know how to relax or know what a non-busy lifestyle looks like. I won’t say that my Continue Reading »

Chicken Fajitas and Stir Fry

With just about all of Podcast Lost in Space going on ice after this month while we try to see how to continue, I wanted to leave you with one of the easiest, simplest and most versatile recipes I have. This recipe is really good for dealing with leftover steak or chicken, cleaning out veggies from Continue Reading »

A Sellout – You Don’t Know What They Are and You Might Be One

By Doc Von Derwin I remember the first time I heard the word ’sellout’. I was in middle school and my older brother and I were having a discussion of the classic American Film Employee of the Month starting Dane Cook. My brother regarded Dane Cook as a sellout because he wasn’t the funniest character Continue Reading »

Spring Break with Greek Life

By Alyssa Pereira Most of the time, when people think of college students going on spring break, they tend to think of crazy beach parties and non-stop drinking. If you add in the Greek Life factor, you get ideas like wild sorority girls doing wet t-shirt contests and frat guys who walk around in bro Continue Reading »

Podcast Lost In Space 27!

It’s Podcast Lost In Space 27! Seneca, Alyssa and Alexander gather for the first bi-monthly episode. This time around we talk about our experiences moving. Follow Us: @PLISOfficial on Twitter or on Facebook at Podcast Lost In Space and on Youtube atTPLIS Official Many thanks to Peter Scott for his awesome Intro/Outro Music! Everyone go check him Continue Reading »

Stories are everywhere. Keep telling them.

  In my final quarter of university, I had to take a ‘portfolio’ class. The idea behind the class was to help students tie all of their humanities learning together into something they could talk about. It was all about figuring out what we’d been doing in school and cementing those last few lessons the Continue Reading »

The Ben and Doc Show #7 – A Cultural History of Batman

  Batman. We talk about him. If you know who he is and what he does than this is the perfect episode for you. Get ready for a batarang to the face you Joker, because our two faces are gonna deliver a Killer Croc of an episode that will be the Bane of your existence Continue Reading »

Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Spring has officially hit Washington. The sun is shining, and just like the new flowers popping up things in my life keep on popping up alongside them. Of course, this means all I want are meals that are comforting after a day on the run without many breaks, refrigerates well if I don’t have the Continue Reading »