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Welcome to Podcast Lost In Space!

We’re a place for Millennials to talk about their understanding of the world and express their passions. Of what little we know. This the location where you see Millennials tackle topics ranging from cooking to technology and try there best gain understanding to how the universe works!

PLIS About Us

Welcome! My name is Alexander ‘Redbreard’ Pereira. I’m dug in around Seattle and this whole crazy thing is my idea. I’m a ‘child care specialist’, basically I’m an anthropology major whose been working camp/after-school counselor positions forever. I’m headed back for a Masters of Education so I can work with integrating Games with education. You’ll find me in just about every corner of the site except sports, but Video Games and Cooking are my favorites. All of which is to say, I have no idea exactly what I want to do but I’m doing something!


My name is Alyssa Pereira. Currently living in Fargo, ND but I am originally from the Seattle area. I am sure you are wondering, “Why the heck did she move to Fargo, ND?” It is quite simple actually; I fell in love with North Dakota State University and the Fargo community. Here at NDSU I am working on a double major in Strategic Communications and International Studies. I also graduated from culinary school in June 2015 as a pastry chef. On this site, you will find me in multiple places such as in podcasts, on our blog, talking about recipes and cooking advice, and occasionally I will make guest appearances in other areas. I can almost promise you I will not be found talking about tech unless the others feel like getting a good laugh (that stuff goes right over my head)!


My name is Ryan Newman and I live in San Diego, CA but I’m originally from the Seattle area. I have a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and I am currently the Lead Android Developer for a small company down here. You can find me mostly in the tech and comics/graphic novels section of the blog. In my spare time, I play with a semi professional soccer team down here.


Hello fellow space explorers! My name is Seneca, and I live in Bellingham, WA. As a recent graduate from Western with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Chinese language and culture, I’m still finding excuses in the forms of new jobs and psychology research to stick around my lovely college town. As a student on the hunt for a graduate program you’ll find me mostly in the blog section and apparently regularly pulled onto the podcasts. In my spare time I devour books, listen to music, and find stray cats to make friends with.


Doc Von Derwin (aka D-Pad Derwin) at your service. Seattle resident and cosplayer. When I am not being a podcast personality or setting world records in bench press, I am usually ranting about videogames or comic book movies. With my degree in computer science and critical opinions on pop culture, I wear my nerd crown with pride. I can provide knowledge on lifting, healthy eating, coding, story writing, and executing combos in Mortal Kombat.