Extra Life: A Brief Primer


If you’re a fan of the podcast, you’ve probably heard us (me) talking about the big Extra-Life Event coming up. Hopefully you’ve gone into the show-notes for the link to our extra-life team, but if not you’ll get it again. For those you who join us primarily on the blog, you have no idea what I’m talking abut and that’s what we’re here for now.

Extra Life is a charity that mobilizes thousands of gamers every years to help raise money for local Children’s Hospitals. Started back in 2008, the community has managed to raise over $14 Million for their local hospitals and this is one of a dozen major charity events and programs that the gaming community takes part it. The marque event of the Extra Life campaign happens on Saturday November 7th in a mass culmination of 24-hour gaming marathons. Much like the Relay-for-Life the idea is to raise funds and donations while providing entertainment.

So what are we going to do? Well, it’s all still up in the air but our rough plan is that we’re going to go live around 10am on Nov 7th and I go to bed around 10am on Nov 8th. Seneca will be around a bit on stream, making food (recipes forth coming) and playing games. We’re going to have former guest and friend of the show Joedor_ hanging out from something like the Start of the stream to bout 4pm when he goes off to do his own stream. Everything else, is a mess that we’ll figure out. Come watch us (me) slowly go insane and have fun, pass a few dollars on for the kids and get some entertain in the process.

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