The Great Lentil Recipe


Hey Ya’ll welcome to the Recipe section of PLIS, We’re going to be catching up a bit on the recipes that Ryan has been trying before we get into the new weekly ones he’s going to be trying. First one is the Lentil’s Recipe that Started it All

1  16 oz Dry Lentil bag,  Pre-Soak in water

1  Large Onion, chopped (like little cubes)

2  Large Carrots,  chopped (like logs)

4  Large Stalks of Celery,  chopped (same style as carrots)

2  Bay Leaves – you can find em near the spices

1  Tbsp of Cumin – spice

1  tsp of Salt – …. its salt

1  tsp of Oregano – spice

1  Tbsp of Veg. Oil – I use olive oil take your pick.

1 Box of Beef broth (normal-sized box not extra large)

3 oz of Black Forest Ham,  Chopped – buy a small ham they’re like footbal sized

1  Large cooking pot for the Lentil Soup


Pre-Soak the Lentils over night or  if short of time, boil them in water, once water has boiled, turn off the burner and leave them for 1 hour in the pot,  then drain them.

Saute the chopped onion (cook them in oil until golden brown) in the large cooking pot. After the Onions are golden brown then add the soaked lentils to the big pot.

Then add the carrots, Celery, bay leaves, cumin, salt, oregano, broth and ham to pot and mix them up.

Use the beef, chicken, or Rib broth -fill up to 1/2 an inch above the Lentil Mix.

Bring to a Boil.  Turn it down to med. heat and stir it 10 or 15 min..  Taste,  adjust seasoning to your preference.    Cook for about 25 Minute until the Lentils thicken and mush up a bit.  If it is too thick, add more broth.

Serve….sprinkle Croutons, and or Parmesan Cheese  or toasted bread (cut up)


THE BIG SECRET to the BEST LENTILS….Use homemade Beef or Rib Broth