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Is Basic Really a Bad Thing?

You’re so basic”.  We all hear this from the people around us, and we constantly see it on social media. Most everyone knows exactly what it refers to.  But just incase you don’t, a simple Google search will reveal that a basic white girl is a Starbucks loving, UGG/boot and legging wearing, selfie taking, iPhone using, Instagram posting girl. You can find numerous articles about “things that all basic white girls do” or “signs that you are basic .”

I’ll let you process that one…

Yes, that definition is completely comprised of things that are currently “in style” (for lack of a better word).  The majority of people (at least that I know), men and women, have iPhones. Starbucks is the largest coffee chain worldwide. And being from Seattle, there is one every couple of blocks, so most likely, if I want coffee, I will stop by a Starbucks.

Ultimately, this label that gets put on girls because they like the things that are most common in our society. And the reason that these things are so common is because people genuinely enjoy them.

Personally, I am tired of being called basic each time I want a Starbucks, or wear leggings, boots, and a sweater. I like my style, and if other people have the same taste as me then so be it. It is up to me to decide what I like and I should not be judged for it.

And then if you don’t like the things that comprise the so-called basic identity then you are considered “weird” and “unfashionable.”  It is just a never-ending cycle of judgment and no one can ever win.

In this world of social media there are so many things out there that make people self-conscious. We need to change that and make it ok for everyone to just like what they like, no labels needed.

So think about this, why is it so wrong for a girl to be basic? Is it really so wrong for people to like the same things? In each generation you see these trends happen. And for some reason our generation has decided to make that a bad thing.

What people wear and like should not take away from the fact that each and every person is unique. By calling someone basic you are choosing to ignore that fact. Just because you might not like something that others do, does not give you the right to label them and think less of them.

To all those girls out there reading this, it’s ok to be called basic just as long as the things you buy and do are what you genuinely love. Be who you want to be, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.