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Belated Snow Days

As a kid I have very fond memories of snow. What snow meant for me was that if there was a lack of ice my father would brave the intrepid 2 inches of white cold fluff (which is apparently worthy of screams and fainting around these parts) to take me to a park; so that I could run around screaming into the bright blue sky about how exciting snow was, learn to make snow balls, and generally be prepared for the foot or more waiting for me over winter break when we flew off to see one set of the grandparents. When the snow inevitably turned into black ice in our damp region my father encouraged snow days be spent as days of rest with lots of snacks, big books, and that we enjoy the perfect day to rest up for the mayhem that would be coming with one day of canceled responsibilities.
As I grew my feelings on snow seemed fairly similar. However soon I learned the danger of snow and my feelings of delight turned into a stomach flip flop of checking my schedule before leaning into the familiar practices of snow days. If my classes were canceled, friends could walk over (or vice versa), and I had boots with traction—I was fine. In fact I was more than happy to relish my increasingly rare days of rest. If I had places to drive to, a massive hill to climb to get to a class that a professor deemed worthy of attending despite the ice, or really anything that I could not cancel my heart skipped a beat and I shuddered with horror rather than cold.
I still enjoy the snow, in fact our most recent (and may I mention late for Christmas) visit from Jack Frost I learned how to drive down a steep icy drive way, spotted raccoon, deer, and stray bird foot prints in the snow; and I even enjoyed a snowy evening with my significant other. As I’ve aged I’ve lacked the propriety to lose my childlike delight at snow as long as my schedule allows.
What can I say, being an adult (some days) has its ups and downs. Sometimes snow days are horrid days where all you wish is to be at home with a book looking at the beauty that the snow can gift without the cold sinking through your layers and snow chunks that manage to slip into your boots. Other days, you actually get to stay inside and pretend that it really is a snow day.